Aluminum Fences

Enjoy the benefits of our high quality, low maintenance and sturdy aluminum fences for a lifetime.

Why an aluminum fence from 5th Generation?

There are several reasons why an aluminum fence may be the best fit for your fencing needs

Our recommended aluminum fence panels and posts are made of premium aluminum material. This means your fence is very strong and offers a high resistance to corrosion. Our recommended products are coated using an environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating process. This leaves your fence durable and weather proof. We care about the environment just like you, so you can rest assured this coating process does not emit large amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds which are common in liquid coating processes and damages the atmosphere.


Do you want to surround your property with a secure and strong fence, but dont want to totally enclose and block-out your surroundings? If so an aluminum fence is the perfect fit for you. It is an unobtrusive way to surround your property without obstructing your view of your property. Your kids can play safely in your fenced-in yard; no worrying about little ones wandering away. If you have a pooch or two, our puppy fence looks great and keeps your canine companion safe and unable to chew through our durable aluminum. No worrying about clever escape artists chewing through wood posts!

Aluminum Styles
Below are a collection of samples of aluminum fence styles.

For a more complete view of our available styles contact 5th Generation at (636) 797-4700.
Bravo Windsor Plus Concord Modified Kensington Plus Majestic Modified 1 Modified 2 Modified 3 Modified 4 Modified 5 Ovation Symphony Windsor Plus
Aluminum Fencing Photo Gallery

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