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An Unparalleled Selection of Windows

Discover Pella's wide variety of windows for your home. Select a window style, material or product line to learn more, or explore images of window inspiration for new construction or replacement window projects.

Window Styles

Pella windows come in a variety of styles so you can choose the right fit for your home.

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Double Hung

Double-hung windows feature two sliding sashes for efficient ventilation. They can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top with sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning. From traditional and classic to contemporary and modern, discover the Pella double-hung window that suits your home.


  • Optional innovative grilles provide the authentic look of true divided light .

  • Built-in security sensors available, and for more security, upgrade to a traditional spoon-style lock

  • Durable interior and exterior finishes with dual-pane glass for exceptional energy efficiency.


Horizontal Slider

Sliding windows glide open horizontally from one side, providing easy access to fresh air. Sliding windows are popular in contemporary-style homes as well as in basements, tight spaces or rooms that need extra ventilation. Choose from vinyl or fiberglass sliding windows to match your vision for your home.


  • Resist air and water infiltration with an interlocking checkrail and weep system.

  • Designed with a double-roller system for smooth, long-lasting operation.

  • Corner locks, metal fasteners and injected sealant for added strength, durability and reliable water performance.


Single Hung

Single-hung windows feature a single movable sash, raised from the bottom for ventilation, while the top stays stationary. Pella single-hung windows are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl. Discover our single-hung window product lines below and find inspiration for your next project.


  • Authentic spoon-lock window hardware in rustic finishes and rich patinas.

  • Innovative Integrated Rolscreen retractable screen available.

  • Optional built-in security sensors preserve beauty.



Casement windows are hinged at the sides and swing outward. Easily opening and closing with a crank that folds away when not in use, casement windows are a great option for hard-to-reach spaces, like over the kitchen sink. Look through our wood, fiberglass and vinyl casement window selection to find inspiration for your home.


  • Optional built-in security sensors with Insynctive technology.

  • Square Integral Light Technology grilles.

  • Architect-inspired Saldo fold-away crank.



Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing out from the bottom, gliding open and shut with the turn of a handle. They are a great option for places that need extra ventilation and light. Add architectural interest with awning windows in our three material options wood, fiberglass or vinyl.


  • Energy-efficient triple-pane glass available.

  • Authentic look of true divided light with Integral Light Technology grilles.

  • Optional integrated security sensors for added peace of mind.


Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows are combinations of windows joined together to create a curve that extends beyond the walls of your home. Bay windows consist of three windows two angled, operable windows with one central fixed panel while bow windows are typically four or more windows.


  • Through-stile construction, deliberate proportions and intricate profiles to achieve authentic traditional style.

  • Available with built-in security sensors to protect what matters most.

  • 3-unit 30 and 45 bay windows, 4- and 5-unit bow windows, as well as custom sizes and angles.


Picture Windows

Let more light into your home with a picture window. Pellas picture, or fixed frame, windows are non-operable windows that pair beautifully with your standard operable windows. Available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl, enjoy the energy-efficient benefits of fixed windows.


  • Unique combinations create the illusion of walls of windows.

  • Triple-pane units trusted and certified by Passive House Institute US, Inc.

  • Available with custom exterior color options, energy-efficient glass options, and endless design choices.


Custom Windows

Let more light into your home with a picture window. Pellas picture, or fixed frame, windows are non-operable windows that pair beautifully with your standard operable windows. Available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl, enjoy the energy-efficient benefits of fixed windows.


  • Rectangular custom windows, in combination with standard windows, can help blur the lines from the indoors to outdoors.

  • More unique rectangular shapes, like trapezoids and parallelograms can be used as stunning standalone architectural features.

  • Triangular custom windows are an ideal way to add visual interest to your home.

Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Increase Homes Value -
Vinyl replacement windows have a 71% median return on project costs upon resale.

Lower Energy Costs -
Drafty, leaky windows make your furnace and air conditioner work harder and increase your energy bills. Its time to get efficient and replace those old windows.

Greater Energy Efficiency -
Pella windows and doors offer energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certification in all 50 states.

Keep Outside Noises Out -
Insulating window frames and multiple panes of glass help reduce the noise from traffic, lawn mowers and neighborhood activity

Tailor Your Home to You -
New windows and doors can dramatically improve the beauty of your home inside and out.

Improve Comfort and Privacy -
Control natural lighting and privacy with accessible, motorized integrated blinds and shades, powered by Pella Insynctive technology

Add Peace of Mind -
With excellent engineering and quality materials, you can be confident that every window and door will operate as intended for years to come.

5th Generation Images
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