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Solutions for Every Low-Slope Roof Challenge

Regardless of project size, MHP commercial roofing systems have buildings covered. From fully adhered EPDM systems with Acrylic Water Base Bonding Adhesive to heat-weld membranes, MHP has a solution for every low-slope roof challenge.


EPDM is a high tensile strength, single-ply membrane ideal for long-term watertight integrity. EPDM is lightweight, ideal for new construction and retrofit systems without adding excessive weight to the roof deck.


The membrane remains flexible in hot and cold temperatures so it will not split or crack.

Long Lifecycle

It provides excellent resistance to ozone and UV and can handle the coldest winters or the desert heat.

Membrane Types

  • Standard Black EPDM membrane The most economical singly-ply membrane. Ideal for ballasted and fully adhered systems.
  • Standard Reinforced EPDM membrane Reinforced with tough polyester fabric for superior fatigue, tear, and puncture resistance Ideal for mechanically attached systems.
  • White-on-Black EPDM membrane
  • Reflects the sunlight and cools the building interior leading to lower BTU usage and energy costs.
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